Indian MEA has no info of Jamaat funding

The Indian Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) has said it has not received any report that was mentioned in a news item that a member of the Trinamool Congress has diverted certain funds to Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami to destabilise the present Awami League government.”My attention was drawn to this report by a Kolkata-based news organisation.

We will free our dearest Sayeedi

Dhaka 17 September: It is 10 AM in the morning. We are travelling to Sayeedkhali village of Zianagar, About 25 kilometres from Pirozpur town. District police super Abid Hasan was waiting for us there with his police van. After checking the security arrangement of the area, he boarded the car with us. As soon as we reached Saeedkhali, we heard sound of wailing.

Hearing on Azhar ends

Dhaka, 15 September: A tribunal in Dhaka today concluded hearing arguments in a war crimes case against Jamaat leader ATM Azharul Islam and will deliver its verdict any day. The 62-year-old Jamaat-e-Islami assistant secretary general faces six charges.

Kamaruzzaman verdict any dayKamaruzzaman verdict any day

Dhaka, 14 September:The Supreme Court will deliver its verdict any day on an appeal filed by Jamaat leader Muhammad Kamaruzzaman challenging death penalty awarded to him by International War Crime Tribunnal of Bangladesh.

Nation demands release of Sayeedi

Dhaka, 17 September: Bangladesh Supreme Court has sentenced most popular public speaker of the country Maolana Delowar Hussain Sayeedi’s to life imprisonment. The verdict came after five months the appeal process had concluded in 17 April this year. Chief Justice Hossain said the prominent Jamaat leader would have to remain imprisoned “for the rest

More than 700 extra-judicial killings since formation of RAB

US Government Suspends Support to Controversial Bangladesh Rapid Action Battalion For More Than 700 Extra-judicial Killings Since its Formation The following article was published in The Dhaka Tribune on 14 February 2014. It follows a communication from the US Government to the Bangladesh Government withdrawing support to the controversial military police outfit RAB for over 760 extra-judicial killings...

Bangladesh slides further in ‘Rule of Law Index’

A report published by a global watchdog finds Bangladesh’s justice system ‘inefficient’ with the courts afflicted by corruption and political interference.

Ruling party men torturing minorty -Mizanur Rahman

Dhaka Chairman of the National Human Rights Commission, Dr. Mizanur Rahman has stated that, pro-government people were involved with minority torture incidents in recent times. He further claimed that, the ruling party

Chairmen stopped from oath taking

Dhaka: Government is arresting elected Upzilla Chairman from the opposition parties while they are attending the oath taking ceremony. Main opposition party BNP alleged that obstructions are being created in taking oath of its alliance-backed newly-elected chairmen and vice-chairmen of the upazilas across the country.

Shameless festival of rigging by Awami League

The elections to the Upazila councils, which virtually came to a close through the fifth phase on 31March have turned out to be increasingly bloody and violent affair as the ruling party led a shameless festival of rigging,