Profile of a Dictator: The one and only Hasina

Bangladesh has witnessed many changes in the past months. The cabinet of Prime Minster Sheikh Hasina has approped the National Broadcasting policy under which government wil appoint an independent body who will watch over what contents the media will be allowed to broadcast.  Under the policy, broadcast outlets are prohibited from disseminating any

An uneasy calm

An uneasy calm has descended on Bangladesh. The shock of daring ‘vote dacoity’ and violent exclusion of voters from polling centres brandishing and using fire-arms and lethal weapons right in front of the eyes of law-

JMB considers Jamaat deviant

It is puzzling that, days after the circulation of al-Zawahiri’s podcast on Bangladesh, homegrown JMB terrorists are said to have re-emerged with full vigour and ferocity in the country. This is what we have been hearing from the government since February 23. The story has two parts. The first part tells us that on February 23 several JMB gunmen attacked a prison van on a highway in Mymensingh...