An uneasy calm

An uneasy calm has descended on Bangladesh. The shock of daring ‘vote dacoity’ and violent exclusion of voters from polling centres brandishing and using fire-arms and lethal weapons right in front of the eyes of law-

Plunder, poorism and profit

This is, unquestionably, an ancient question: How much profit is enough profit? Obviously, when profit maximization is the top priority, sometimes the only objective, it may be attained regardless of the costs society has to fork over. This, of course, is no secret; and is practiced with great gusto in most countries where success is measured purely in terms of Mammon’s lust. Here’s one instance...

POLICY SHIFT BLAMED Gonojagoron Manch breaks apart

It is quite surprising to the nation to see that police were using baton on Gonojagoran Manch spokesperson Imran H Sarkar and his followers last week at the Shahbagh city centre where he led the biggest gathering of protesters for almost two months from February last year demanding ban to religious politics and death to senior Jamaat leaders facing the war crime trial.

Sixth and Ninth Amendments: Examples of how the Constitution of Bangladesh was amended for a perso

Barrister Nazir Ahmed Introduction The Constitution expresses the will of the people of a country.  It should ideally reflect the wishes and desires of the people of the country in question.  As it is considered the supreme [and higher than the ordinary law] law in a country with a written Constitution, the procedure for amending a country’s Constitution is normally made strict and inflexible...

JMB considers Jamaat deviant

It is puzzling that, days after the circulation of al-Zawahiri’s podcast on Bangladesh, homegrown JMB terrorists are said to have re-emerged with full vigour and ferocity in the country. This is what we have been hearing from the government since February 23. The story has two parts. The first part tells us that on February 23 several JMB gunmen attacked a prison van on a highway in Mymensingh...

More than 700 extra-judicial killings since formation of RAB

US Government Suspends Support to Controversial Bangladesh Rapid Action Battalion For More Than 700 Extra-judicial Killings Since its Formation The following article was published in The Dhaka Tribune on 14 February 2014. It follows a communication from the US Government to the Bangladesh Government withdrawing support to the controversial military police outfit RAB for over 760 extra-judicial killings...

Not justified to charge Jamaat

London: Toby Cadman, the international advisor of Bangladesh Jamat-Islami legal team said that, It is unprecedented that a group or organisation (howsoever defined) should attract collective criminal liability under international criminal and humanitarian law as a single entity. There is no scope for this under customary international law and certainly no provision for it in the current Statutes of...

Punishment in BCL stands for rich rewards

Dhaka: In most cases it seems to be a real boon to the leaders and activists involved in violence in the politics of Bangladesh Chhatra League as such infamy earn them reputation and recognition in the party hierarchy.

Bangladesh slides further in ‘Rule of Law Index’

A report published by a global watchdog finds Bangladesh’s justice system ‘inefficient’ with the courts afflicted by corruption and political interference.

Media strangulation continues

Dhaka: Police have arrested 6 employees of the widely popular monthly children’s entertainment magazine, the Kishore Kantha from its office at Paltan in Dhaka including its assistant editors. This comes at a time when