Ruling party men torturing minorty -Mizanur Rahman

Dhaka Chairman of the National Human Rights Commission, Dr. Mizanur Rahman has stated that, pro-government people were involved with minority torture incidents in recent times. He further claimed that, the ruling party

Nizami deserves acquittal – Defense Lawyer

Dhaka: The defence counsel for Motiur Rahman Nizami, the chief of Jamaat-e-Islami Bangladesh, on Sunday contended that his client deserves acquittal from the war crimes charges as the prosecution case appears ‘make over’. Defence counsel Tajul Islam claimed before the International Crimes Tribunal-1 while closing the rehearing on defence case summing-up arguments based on charges along with law-point...

Establish an international court to replace ICT

London: Renowned Human Rights Laser and War Crimes Judge Geoffrey Robertson urged the UN, the EC and other donor countries and NGOs to take action like suspension of humanitarian aid if Bangladesh government rushed to the gallows people prosecuted under unfair trials in the name of so-called ‘International Crimes Tribunal’. Mr Robertson who was the first President of the UN’s Sierra Leone War...

Unusual election and Unusual Opposition-British Minister

Dhaka: British Minster for International Development Alan Duncan termed the 5th January 2014 election as unusual and said that present main opposition party in the Bangladesh’s parliament is equally outlandish. He said

Chairmen stopped from oath taking

Dhaka: Government is arresting elected Upzilla Chairman from the opposition parties while they are attending the oath taking ceremony. Main opposition party BNP alleged that obstructions are being created in taking oath of its alliance-backed newly-elected chairmen and vice-chairmen of the upazilas across the country.

Sayeedi’s son elected

Dhaka: The victory of Jamaat candidate Masud Sayeede at Zianagar UZ election was a surprise of the election at a time when his father Maulana Delwar Hossain Sayeedi is a death row convict now on alleged crimes against

Why Jamaat keeps on wining

Dhaka: Elections in Bangladesh have in recent years began to resemble an Orwellian drama, staged for the applause of government-backed institutions and organizations. The general elections held on January 5 were no exception. The Election Commission arranged for voting in just 147 constituencies out of a total of 300. The remaining 153 were left uncontested as the opposition, led by the Bangladesh...

Shameless festival of rigging by Awami League

The elections to the Upazila councils, which virtually came to a close through the fifth phase on 31March have turned out to be increasingly bloody and violent affair as the ruling party led a shameless festival of rigging,