This dancing ground of assassins is not my country

You have just ventured out on way to your office or court, or you may be returning from your place of work – to the safe corner of your sweet home. Where, like every other day, waiting eagerly for you, are your loved ones. Your parents, your

Bangladeshi Government Proposes Tighter Controls of Courts, Media

DHAKA, Bangladesh–The Bangladeshi government unveiled legislation to impose tighter controls on the judiciary and the media in what critics say is a heavy-handed attempt to consolidate power in the South Asian nation. 

Man jailed for mocking Hasina

Dhaka: A 25-year-old Bangladeshi man has beensentenced to seven years in jail for composing a song mockingPrime Minister Sheikh Hasina and her father Bangabandhu SheikhMujibur Rahman and spreading it via mobile