Editors Council criticises government interference

Dhaka: Editors Council, an organization of editors of highest-circulation newspapers in the country, said on 24 February that directives regarding programmes and news in the media intervene with the freedom of expression.

‘TV talk-shows have been intervened in many ways. Some talk-show programmes have been stopped. Lists of talk-show participants have been specified. There is intervention regarding TV live programmes. We think the directiive regarding which items can or cannot be aired intervenes with the freedom of expression,’ Editors Council said in a statement issued after a meeting.

Alleging that some journalists aren’t getting a chance to cover certain government and party programmes, the statement said that treating the media and other forces as opposition can’t be helpful for the independence of media.

The council hoped for a more responsible and co-operative behavior from the government to preserve freedom, objectivity and neutrality of all media including newspapers.

Mentioning that it becomes tough for the media to work maintaining freedom and neutrality in recent times, the statement said that on the one hand attacks are taking place on journalists in the name of political programmes, on the other, efforts are on to squeeze the freedom of media.

‘The government as well as administration is creating obstructions against collecting and distributing neutral news. Sometimes some newspapers have been labeled as the spokesperson of a specific party/quarter,’ the statement added.

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