Avijit’s murder: Government hand discovered

Dhaka: Information Minster Hasanul Haq Inu and other fellow bloggers were behind the killing of Avijit, according to a details report published on Newsbd7.com, an online Bangladeshi news portal.  In an evidence-rich, in-depth invesigative report the portal stated that, initial planning for the killing of Avijit took place in the house of Arafat A Rahman, a lecturer of the Independent University. In the meeting, Information Minster Hasanul Haq Inu and owner of 71 TV Muzammel Haq Babu were also present. Mahmudul Haq Munshi, leader of a faction of Ganajagoron Manch told Bdnews7 that Avijit was killed according to the directive from the the ministry of information. He vowed to unveil the full truth at a convenient time. He said that fear for his life is prohibiting him to reveal the truth now.

Detailed plan for killing was drawn up in a subsquent meeting at TSC of Dhaka University in which , Mesbah Kamal, Anwar Hussain, Bappaditya Basu, Samsul Islam Suman, Jayadev Nandi, Ershadur Rahman Chowdhury,  Omar Sharif,  Arif Jebtik and some members from the army attended. Former colonel Taher’s brother Professor Anwar Hussain maintains liaison with the army.

According to a CCTV footage confirmed by RAB two bloggers, namely Arif Jebtik and Amy Rahman Piayal were present throughout the evening prior to the killing of Avjit  .

Soon after the killing of Avijit, Jamaat condemned the attrocity. However, media and government started a chorus blaming Jamaat-e-Islami and other Islamic outfits. Immidiately after publication of this sensational behind-the-scene story of Avijit killing, the Jamaat demanded that a full invesigation be carried out on Avijit killing under the supervision of a UN commission.

The killing of Avijit can be compared with the killing of the opposition leader of Russia, who was most probably killed by Putin himself and later he formed an investigation team and announced that the investigation will continue under his supervision.

Similar thing may happen if no independent inquiry take place to find out the real culprit behind the Avijit killing. Hasina has a long history of ordering murder to divert the political flow.

Avijit killing took place at a time when Sheikh Hasina’s government was on the brink of collapse and was being severely criticised at home and abroad.

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