Unusual election and Unusual Opposition-British Minister

Dhaka: British Minster for International Development Alan Duncan termed the 5th January 2014 election as unusual and said that present main opposition party in the Bangladesh’s parliament is equally outlandish. He said that Britain wants true democracy to flourish in Bangladesh. Mr Duncan was speaking in a press conference on April 2 at the end of his two days visit in the country. During his visit he met with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Opposition Leader Rawshan Ershad and BNP Chair Person Begum Khaleda Zia.
Mr. Duncan said in the press conference that majority of the people did not vote in the 5th January election and main opposition as well as other major parties did not take part in it. It was an unusual and surprising election. He mentioned that main opposition of the present parliament is also a part of the government which is quite unnatural. Proper democracy, he added, requires election of people in a free, fair and trusted election to govern the country. Those who are elected are entrusted with the power to govern, but are held accountable for the way they govern, noted the UK leader. Duncan said he would tell Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina that political stability is important for the economic growth of this country and it is time to look ahead, not to focus on a political battle. He stressed the need for a free press which is an essential part of democracy. “You [journalists] are part of that free press. And given the unusual structure of an election, it gives you an even greater responsibility for running reports and analysis in your newspapers.”

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