We will free our dearest Sayeedi

Dhaka 17 September: It is 10 AM in the morning. We are travelling to Sayeedkhali village of Zianagar, About 25 kilometres from Pirozpur town. District police super Abid Hasan was waiting for us there with his police van. After checking the security arrangement of the area, he boarded the car with us. As soon as we reached Saeedkhali, we heard sound of wailing. We stopped and travelled further down the side road and found a group of 10 – 15 women.

While asked why they were wailing, one of them replied that today the supreme court sentenced Allama Delwar Hussain Sayeedi to life imprisonment.

‘So he got a lesser punishment?’ One women was quiet furious on such remark made by one of the journalists. ‘Who are you?’ She inquired in an anguished voice. When we informed her that we were journalists, she claimed that all the charges against Maolana Sayeedi was fabricated. ‘The government made the judges to deliver such verdict unjustly.’

When we tried to take some pictures along with their details, they forbade us to do so.

They said, ‘earlier the tribunal11 had sentenced him to death and we appealed and got the punishment commuted. Now we will file the review petition and he will be acquitted of all charges. We will free our dearest Sayeedi and we are not happy with the verdict.’

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