Islamic Scholars demand release of Sayeedi

Dhaka, 19 September:A deep conspiracy is going on to eliminate Islam from the country, says Ulama of the country. In a joint statement country’s 5001 leading Islamic Scholars said that a deep conspiracy is going on to eliminate Islam from the country and  to deprive people to be benefitted from Quranic teaching. In a bid to uproot Islam, a blueprint is in works to destroy Alim, Ulama, Pir, Mashayekh and Islamic leadership in the country. As part of such conspiracy world renowned Islamic Orator Allam Sayeedi has been sentenced to life based on fabricated cases and concocted evidences. We demand his immediate and unconditional release.

The top scholars said, Maolana Sayeedi is a top Islamic Scholar of the country. For half a century he has been preaching Quranic teaching in home and abroad. He is respected as a preacher worldwide. He denied any political involvement before 1978 and threw open challenge in the nation’s parliament. Yet he has been given life sentence based on lies. We are requesting the appropriate authority to reconsider his punishment and release him unconditionally. The people of Bangladesh along with Islamic Scholars of the country will never accept this verdict against Allam Sayeedi. They call upon the government to release Allam Sayeedi so that he can concentrate on preaching the Quranic message to the people.

Scholars who signed the statement are: Permanent Member of Rabeta Alam Al-Islami Maolana Mahiuddin Khan, Chief Bangladesh Khelafat Movement Maolana Shah Ahmadullah and 5000 others.

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